Top 8 Free Child Tracking Android Apps

Children are so much precious to their parents. Every parent wants to see their children in a healthy manner. The primary concern about children’s safety with the smartphone is that how to keep them away from bad things. Nowadays, there are so many androids apps which you can use for your children. There are apps and games which should not be used by the children. In the smartphones, some things are good for children or some not. If you care about your child then you should definitely try the free child tracking android apps. As you know, almost every day we read news about the disappearance of children. So, child tracking android app will help you to get information about your children.

free child tracking android apps

Free Child Tracking Android Apps Are:

1. Amber Alert GPS

This was one of the first children tracking GPS service. It is child-friendly and works hand in hand with the parent app. Amber Alert GPS track the information and voice functionality. Track your children online with the app. The location information is updated every 5 minutes. You can use a two-way calling to call your children. If your children get any problem then he/she can also call you with the touch of a button. Parents need to set the safe zones to get the notification as well as SOS alerts. By using this app your children may feel not good via text, voice call, and email. Amber Alert Locator uses a GPS fob to connect to the parent’s phone. There is a disadvantage of GPS fob; your child can lose the fob.

children tracking apps

2. Qustodio

Qustodio is a real-time internet filter and it blocks inappropriate data. It blocks pornography even in private browsing mode. Qustodio views the social activity. It monitors the time spent on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. Balance the screen time by set time schedule to use the internet each day. You can also set the time for how much games and apps time is allowed each day. By using this app you can set a list of block contacts. And also can see your child texts and calls. Anytime check your child location. If your child is in an emergency they can use the panic button for help. Qustodio is available for Android, Mac, iOS, and Kindle. The free version enabling you to set time and rules, block unwanted data and pornography.

child tracking mobile app

3. Kiddle

This app provides you safe data for your children. It is a child-friendly search engine app. Google search can bring unwanted content. Google has developed Kiddle, especially for children. It is no substitute for the parent’s watchful eye. By typing a word into the browser address bar that will perform a regular search. This is the best way for your children to learn basics of how to use the search engine. And can learn about subjects which they are covering at school. Kiddle includes the ads at the top of search results. But don’t worry about them because they are not wrong things if your children click on them. On the Kiddle, your children will get safe sources. It provides child-friendly language.

children tracking app

4. KidLogger

A simple way to record your child’s computing activity. Computers and the internet are good tools but they can be a cause for concern. KidLogger is an extra pair of eyes for you. It helps to watch everything that your child doing on the internet and the computer. The child uses multiple devices to fix their technology and software takes these things into account. With this, you can monitor up to five devices. KidLogger is the free and open source. It will log every keyword what your child types and programs that are launched. KidLogger is available for Android, Linux, Windows, iOS, macOS, and BlackBerry. It can monitor multiple devices and provides monitoring options.

mobile app to tracking

5. GPS Tracking Pro

GPS make a real-time connection. Just simply install this app on your phone and connect with your child. By using this app you can easily find your children by tracking the phone. If the phone is lost then use the website and find your phone. You can share the location map of your child to your relative to get him/her. Make your life and children life easier with this app. Parents after install this app can peace of mind. You just need to set up the details. Parents can track their child via the website. GPS Tracking Pro is only available for Android phones. It offers GPS location services.

6. Spyrix Free Keylogger

This is the free and simple program for recording your children activities. It records all sort of keystrokes and controls clipboard content. The keyloggers are used for information monitoring. This program is popular among parents who care about their children. Parents want to see their children are safe or not. They can check their activity on the internet what children doing. Almost all parents want that their children don’t visit unwanted sites. Spyrix Free Keylogger helps to control your children’s internet usage. It can provide you – apps activity, screenshot capture, removable drives monitoring, printer monitoring. Also, it provides remote monitoring from any device and any place.

7. Zenly Locator

This is a free real-time app available on both Android and iOS. This app offers GPS locations, messaging, and stealth mode to devices. It is easy to use and your child will be able to message you. If your children are in trouble you can easily find them and reach the location. The app will show you how much battery is left on your children’s phone. With this feature, you will be able to understand that why your children are not replying to your messages and calls. You will get the notification about it. Parents can do privacy settings – you can hide or show location.

8. OpenDNS FamilyShield

OpenDNS settings apply to every device such as smartphones, laptops, games, DVRs, and anything that connect to the internet. OpenDNS web content filtering helps parents to control the unwanted websites children visit at home. It blocks the phishing websites. FamilyShield is a free service and control tools. It automatically blocks the domains which OpenDNS has flagged under the headings such as proxy/anonymizer, tasteless and pornography. If you want to protect the all devices at your home network then use OpenDNS FamilyShield. You don’t need to install the software. It will provide the protection at the router level.

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