What Is GPS Child Tracking Pendant And How Does It Work?

Parents worry about the safety and whereabouts of their loved ones. And this goes on even when kids grow from children to teenagers.

Sometimes you want to track your Children where they are and what are they doing?  A tracking mechanism can help you get over it so if you are planning to buy the Best GPS child tracking pendant then don’t worry.

Here, you will see the ideal GPS tracker for your child. Yepzon One is the best GPS tracker. This is designed for your child, elderly, vehicles, pets, etc.

This GPS child tracking pendant is one of the safest trackers in the market. Fortunately, the device has no buttons, it can’t be turned off.

It can work wherever the GMS network works. Yepzon One has unbeatable battery life so you don’t have to charge it daily.

It is easy to use and Connect the GPS tracker to your smartphone and attach the tracker to anything. After attaching it successfully you can follow the moving target easily with the mobile app.

gps child tracking pendant

Where can we use GPS Tracking Pendant?

  1. Tracking Child Activities
  2. Pet Lovers
  3. Keeping Your Children Safe
  4. GPS Tracking Pendant for Elderly

Tracking Child Activities

Parents can check their child’s activities and what they are doing.

GPS Tracker tells you the location of your child. If your child goes from one room to another room, you will get a notification about that.

Monitoring every single movement your child makes, You just need to attach the GPS child tracking pendant to your child. As for the design You can choose the colorful pendant according to their choice.

There are tons of GPS trackers available in the market yet the best GPS tracker is the Yepzon One. So you can use that without any hesitation. It will help you to track the location of your child.

Nowadays nobody is worth trusting and sometimes even your own family members may turn into a threat. That’s why being careful is important so use the Yepzon app to track your child.

child tracking pendant

Pet Lovers

If you love your pets, you can buy a GPS tracker for them. A pet is also a family member of your family. So caring about your family members is obvious right?

If your dog or cat goes outside and you are not able to find them quickly. You can use the GPS tracker for your dog or cat or other pets.

Thankfully You can monitor the steps of your pet to know exactly how far they are at the moment. Also, you can see your pet’s live location, a GPS tracker will help you with this.

If your pet faces any problem, you can easily find them with a GPS tracker and take action accordingly. Just use the Yepzon app for finding them.

Being affordable and useful at the same time you can get the pendant to your pet so you can easily get your pet back whenever you wish.

tracking pendant for pets

Keeping Your Children Safe

Children are most precious to their parents. Losing them even for a short moment can cause the parents to panic.

It’s the parent’s responsibility to save their children and keep them safe. For dealing with such problems, we highly recommend using a GPS child tracking pendant.

With the help of it, you will have all the information regarding your child.

Parents can’t imagine losing their child. Nobody would like to! As everybody is afraid of losing their loved ones.

That’s why a GPS tracker will help you to track the live location where is your child at the moment.

With Yepzon ONE GPS tracker you don’t have to worry. It will keep your child in your reach every time.

gps pendant tracker

GPS Tracking Pendant for Elderly

As you know most of our elderly suffer from health issues.

They visit a park to feel good. But what If they face any problem, how you will reach there without knowing their current location?

To know where they are you should use and attach the GPS tracking pendant. With the help of it, you can find them and get a notification about your elderly.

Keep your loved ones safe and gain peace of mind.

Benefits of GPS Child Tracking Pendant

1. Battery Life

The Yepzon tracker’s battery can be used for several weeks to months.

You don’t have to charge the tracking pendant frequently. It has no buttons so most of the time it’s asleep just like standby mode in other devices.

But when it senses any movements, it’s activated automatically by itself. You can also set how often the tracker should update its location data from the Yepzon cloud system.

You can switch off your Yepzon tracker from the app when you think you are not using it. The Yepzon will tell you when it needs to be charged.

2. Affordable

Unlike other GPS child tracking pendants, Yepzon is an affordable and value for money product.

The first-month usage is free for everyone. After that, you have to pay for the service. During the trial period of 30 days, you can understand how the device works, and whether it fulfills your requirements or not.

There is no cancellation and activation fee. So you can cancel the service if you are facing any issues with anything.

3. Data Security

Using GPS trackers for keeping your children within your reach is very popular nowadays. However many people are still worried about the data security of their family.

But don’t worry as Yepzon doesn’t collect your personal data, you can choose it without hesitation. You can choose to share the location only with the people you want.

4. Easy to Use

Yepzon app is easy to use. Simply install this app and it will work with your smartphone.

No password or registration is required for using this app. Yet parents need to give a GPS child tracking pendant to their child for using the tracking services.

5. Track Location

Yepzon tracks the location every 10 seconds. So, parents can use this to track the location of their child. If your child is away from you, with the help of a GPS tracker you can easily find your child.

6. Built-in

With the GPS child tracking pendant, everything is built-in. Yepzon ONE only works in the US and EU regions, so you can buy roaming for other countries. You don’t have to worry about the data plan that is built-in SIM.

7. Multiple Devices

You can add more Yepzon devices to your mobile as you want. Yepzon allows you to track the location of your child, family member, senior, pets.

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